NCAA Tourney – Thank you to those who bought a square!!

Money raised from your generosity will be used to restore the bowling alley at the Village Club!!

Thank you for everyone who bought a square!! –  The 63 game tournament starts on Thursday, March 16th, and ends on Monday, April 3rd.  The last digits of the final score of each game will be used to determine the winning squares.   This format makes it possible to win multiple games with the same numbers.

Payouts will increase with each round of the tournament – see below:
1st Round: $25 / game

2nd Round: $50 / game

Regional Semifinals: $100 / game

Regional Finals: $200 / game

National Semifinals: $400 / game

National Championship: $1,000 / game

The numbers across the top of the grid will represent the WINNING Teams.  

The numbers down the left side of the grid will represent the LOSING Teams.